EYFS Playground Upgrades – COMPLETED

The early years playground space needs urgent attention with wooden areas and benches that are unsafe and currently not being utilised. The aim of this project is to replace all the woodwork with safer and sustainable options.  

  • Date: A 2021 project


Gift Aid Enabled

Upgraded Site

Project Details

The wooden shed and planter areas are past their use by dates and some of bases are rotten making it unusable or to be utilised. In partnership with the School we have contracted the task of reinstalling the areas. The contractor is being identified.

    Wooden Shelters

    • Remove both Timber Storage Units and level area with concrete to make it safe and robust.

    Planter Areas

    • Remove existing timber supports  existing timber beds and replace with new supports similar to previously used pvc/timber horizontal supports. 

    Completion Date – Winter Term 2021.



    Gift Aid Enabled

    If you can support us in any way please contact the school or the fosma team as follows. Thank you

    +44 (0) 20 3146 0968