ICT Lab Transformation

The goal is to refurbish and upgrade the ICT Lab into a multi purpose social space where kids would be able to – in addition to learning computing skills; be enriched through arts & design, life sciences or meditate and possibly play indoor sports. 

  • Date: A 2021 project


Gift Aid Enabled

Current Site

The current ICT lab has only one function ie. A computing lab. We believe that this space has much more to offer and we are working with the school to upgrade and refurbish this space so that the school children can use this space for multiple purposes.

    Aim – Upgrade this space so that it can be used for added multiple purposes from art, drama, gymnastics and more!

    The Scope of this project involves:

    1. Purchase 15 Chromebooks for portability
    2. Relocated all the existing computers to individual classrooms
    3. Engage an ergonomics interior designer/architect (Probono Preferred) 
    4. Change the flooring that will allow for other activities to be carried out.

    Funding required – £6000+


    Gift Aid Enabled

    If you can support us in any way please contact the school or the fosma team as follows. Thank you

    +44 (0) 20 3146 0968