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Ready Set Go - Raffle Draw

The Raffle is going to be drawn on 15 December by our beloved St Mary Bryanston Square School crew. The video will be posted for viewing at 1pm. All the best!

ps. Collect the prizes from the School Office.

Click Here to watch

Donate at No Cost to you via  Amazon Smiles

 Amazon Smile is part of Amazon’s charitable giving activity, where it donates a small percentage (0.5%) of each eligible purchase made to the buyer’s selected charity.

So everytime you shop on Amazon, the school charity (FOSMA) will receive contributions from Amazon at no costs to you. These funds will support several school projects from installing canopies in the playgrounds, upgrading the classroom carpets, annual trips and purchase of new equipment. 

If you are facing any challenges in setting it up, please email and we will help you out. 


Thank you for your donations. Your support has allowed us to continue to find ways to enrich the lives of all students at St Marys Bryanston Square. Please find below the upcoming projects that FOSMA is supporting.

Refurbishment of Pre School Carpets and flooring – Initiated
Dec 24 – Jan 5, 2020

During the term break the nursery flooring and reception carpeted areas will be refreshed. Photos will be made available post in early 2021 after the works are carried out.

ICT Upgrade

Status – Pending

Aim of this project is to upgrade and transform the computer lab allowing it to be used for multiple purposes across life sciences, art and drama. We are reaching out to companies from Microsoft, Apple, Goldman Sachs and more for a donation. If you have any suggestions or contacts please share.

EYFS Playground Area

Status – Quotes received

Playground Upgrade: To support health and fitness, team working and social cohesion, we would like to provide children with an upgraded outdoor play and recreation equipment and area.

Living Wall and Garden Project
Status – Pending

To help protect our students from the effects of pollution we are creating living walls around the school as well as a wonderful school garden from part of our current car park. These improvements will have an immediate and positive, daily impact on the lives of the children at the school.  Air quality in the school will improve, children will be surrounded by a much greener environment and will be able to help care for and attend to the plants.

Upgrade of School Hall Sound System

Status – Pending

The school hall sound system needs to be upgraded. The benefits of this project will enrich the student and teacher experience across extra curricular activities.

Teachers Wish Lists

List awaited

More details coming soon

Our Goals

Three main partnership goals:

1. Be supportive partner to the school through developing strong community links.

2. Raise funds for improving facilities, experiences and enrichments to the school life. 

3. Sign post and engage families to events/community projects. 

4. Work in co-operation with the schools values and vision ensuring inclusivity.

2020 Stats

Projects Pending


Projects yet to be funded

Project Completed

We want to take a special moment to say thank you to all parents, volunteers, team at SMBS for supporting FOSMA. Thank you as without your support, we would not be able to support the school in creative ways and further enrich the lives of the children in the school!


– Team at FOSMA

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

FOSMA is a U.K registered charity (No.1105185) that aims to support our local voluntary aided school. Thank you for your donations and support to  keep us going!